MelodyVR – The power of the live gig

MelodyVR have developed a new way to experience music by providing streamed 360° VR experiences of recorded and live performances. The service was launched in May 2018.

Capturing live music performances in 360° from multiple camera positions generates huge quantities of data that needs storing securely, processing and transcoding into formats that are suitable for streaming in real time to VR headsets via content delivery networks.

Since MelodyVR’s inception in 2015, we helped develop and perfect the streaming of their 360° content using a multi-CDN approach on AWS CloudFront and Limelight, with origin content sourced from AWS S3.

Ben Dawson (VR Director at MelodyVR) said:

Exor Technology worked with us to investigate and develop our service, and helped us build our now global presence bringing VR music experiences to music lovers worldwide. Being able to tap into Exor Technology’s Cloud expertise allowed us to build our service quickly and iteratively.

MelodyVR’s virtual reality app uses a backend API which was specified and built by a team run by Exor Technology, using a serverless framework on AWS’s API Gateway and Lambda services.

A particular challenge when streaming high-bandwidth VR content is the automatic selection of the best possible content delivery method for each user. Exor Technology perfected a technique to find the minimum latency source of content for each user in real-time and to pre-load chunks of video so that each user receives the highest quality experience of MelodyVR’s impressive content.

Photo by Daniel Robert on Unsplash

As members of the AWS Partner Network, we were able to call on the help of AWS technical teams and dig deep into the capabilities of their products, even using features that were so new that they were not even documented at the time!

Ben adds:

Exor Technology provided excellent and valuable assistance through all iterations of the platform development, APIs & cloud technology architecture, and hiring our permanent team now in place.