Case Study: 3D Object Creation

Sealing Wax Box from the Stephens House Collection


Stephens House and Gardens is a Victorian house and gardens in north London with a small museum dedicated to the work of its former owner, the industrialist Henry “Inky” Stephens.

The house has prided itself on being a focal point for the local community and engages with local schools in educational activities, but with Covid-19 keeping it closed was there any way for the museum to continue to engage with the local community?


Exor Technology proposed that high fidelity digital 3D reproductions of some of the objects in the collection could be made available online.

After our proposal was accepted we worked with them to choose the objects to digitise; photographed the objects and put them through our 3D object generation pipeline: and delivered the finished digital artefacts.

We also engaged with 3D hosting service Sketchfab to enrol Stephens House in Sketchfab’s Museums and Heritage programme (a free hosting service for cultural heritage organisations).


The Stephens House museum may be physically closed, but it has been able to remain “open” online and continue to offer a service to the local community.  You can see the 3D objects here.

Furthermore, we agreed with the House management that it should apply a generous Creative Commons licence to these objects and as a result they are available for anyone in the world to download and use in their own 3D projects. 

Client Endorsement

Malcolm Godfrey, manager of Stephens House & Gardens: “The objects Exor Technology have digitised look amazing. With the museum closed for the foreseeable future, this has given us an opportunity to give everyone a glimpse of the collection, and to stay in touch with our local community in these difficult times”.