Case Study: MelodyVR

Photo by Daniel Robert on Unsplash


MelodyVR was an early-stage startup with ambitions to live-stream music gigs in Virtual Reality. They had funding, they had content. But they needed to deliver this content to consumers.


MelodyVR needed to be able to quickly iterate their concepts for video streaming and VR applications. This required flexible and dynamic back-end APIs and content management.

Beginning in 2015, Exor Technology set up, tested and optimised various video streaming platforms including AWS CloudFront, working with third parties to perfect the delivery of MelodyVR’s 360° high-definition content worldwide, whilst also working with MelodyVR’s specialist app developers internally.

We also designed and managed various iterations of MelodyVR’s back-end APIs and content management systems, culminating with building the team which deployed the back-end used at MelodyVR’s launch in 2018.

As members of the AWS Partner Network, we were able to call on the help of AWS technical teams and dig deep into the capabilities of their products, even using features that were so new that they were not even documented at the time.


MelodyVR is now an AIM-listed company which is successfully broadcasting live and recorded performances in 360° to smartphones and VR devices. These are accessible simultaneously to thousands of users worldwide.

Exor Technology’s consultancy was critical to the development of MelodyVR’s streaming delivery and application platform. 

Client Endorsement

Ben Dawson (VR Director at MelodyVR) said: 

Exor Technology worked with us to investigate and develop our service, and helped us build our now global presence bringing VR music experiences to music lovers worldwide. Being able to tap into Exor Technology’s Cloud expertise allowed us to build our service quickly and iteratively. 

Exor Technology provided excellent and valuable assistance through all iterations of the platform development, APIs & cloud technology architecture, and hiring our permanent team now in place.