Case Study: Platform Gurus


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Platform Gurus build high quality, secure and scalable web and mobile applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). They needed to be sure they were following AWS best practices in the areas of security, scaleability, reliability and efficiency.


Exor Technology performed a hands-on deep dive workshop looking into the architecture of Platform Gurus’ solution, analysing their use of AWS services using the AWS Well Architected Framework as a template for the discovery. This focussed the work on the five pillars of good system architecture : security, reliability, operational excellence, performance and cost optimisation.

During the workshop observations were documented or acted upon interactively with Platform Gurus staff to ensure a thorough transfer of knowledge and experience to Platform Gurus.


Platform Gurus is now working with many clients to develop exciting web and mobile applications, confident in the knowledge that their platform is secure, scaleable, reliable and operationally efficient.

Client Endorsement

Stuart Prestedge (CoFounder of Platform Gurus) said: 

“[Exor Technology’s] knowledge of AWS services, especially all the security and architectural best-practices, seemed limitless. They delivered far more value than I would ever have expected. In addition, they were friendly and professional – I would highly recommend using them for anything AWS related.”