Case Study: Growth-stage start-up


The start-up in the video space had started to gain traction and clients. The product they built was good enough to get them started, but the founders worried that their infrastructure was not resilient and that it could be jeopardised by accidental or malicious damage.

What could we do quickly to put their minds at rest?


Exor Technology led a short, sharp project to assess the state of their existing AWS architecture and to document the risks inherent in it and mitigation steps for each risk. We then worked with the client to prioritise and implement risk remediations such as creating regular backups of all of their critical data into a separate AWS account.

We then worked with them to produce a template for a Disaster Recovery Plan, which will be the basis for a fully-fledged resilient and recoverable application and which they have started to implement.


The founders of this start-up sleep better at night because they know that their most critical assets are being regularly backed up to a secure location. They also have a clear path towards a fully resilient and compliant application that will be able to accommodate their predicted growth.

Client Testimonial

The founders said “Thank you for all your help and great work. It’s a weight off our minds.