Case Study: SAP Migration to AWS


This Financial Services organisation was running all its crucial SAP infrastructure out of one data centre with minimal resilience and long-since-tested disaster recovery (DR) procedures.

They were also in the midst of a Cloud Transformation programme which aimed to migrate all its infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.

They wanted to know how to run a resilient SAP estate, with a tested DR playbook,  in AWS. They also needed to migrate the whole SAP estate to the Cloud without loss of data and no, or minimal, operational downtime, an especially challenging task as the tool was being used daily by business units in multiple time zones.


Exor Technology came on board at the start of the project. We worked with AWS SAP specialists and the business owners to create an architecture for the company’s cloud-based SAP estate. This incorporated both the business’ requirements under their Cloud Adoption Framework, as well as the latest guidance from SAP and AWS on how to create a best-in-class SAP Cloud deployment.

We also provided a solution for data migration using CloudEndure, one of the newest tools in the AWS data migration toolkit. This would ensure secure data copying and minimal downtime during migration.

This was a painstakingly detailed process that took many months. It involved interaction with multiple stakeholders, including the company’s Cloud Transformation programme; the cybersecurity teams; procurement and licensing teams; the system users and various operational teams.

We built and demonstrated the approach in a non-production environment.


Our blueprint was incorporated into the company’s Cloud Transformation programme and work was started to deploy it into a production environment.

Client Testimonial

The SAP programme manager said: “Exor Technology did a great job owning this project, bringing all the stakeholders together and producing an implementable solution. The transformation of any business-critical infrastructure in big organisations is always a difficult and delicate job and Exor Technology were brilliant at keeping the project moving and everyone on board to reach a good outcome“.