Exor Technology is a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network , and we help small and medium sized businesses unlock the savings and the innovation potential of the Cloud.

Our company was born out of the idea that the Cloud is transforming the way businesses can work, and the things they can do, at an astonishing pace. And yet, for many businesses, but particularly small and medium sized ones, this revolution remains out of sight or out of reach. It’s too alien, too mysterious, and those who can help demystify it often have an interest in keeping it obscure to justify their large consultancy fees.

So we decided to try something different. Between us we have enough experience (50 years of it!) of technology and product development, a lot of it in the media industry. We are also Certified Solutions Architects for AWS, the largest provider of Cloud computing in the world.

We believe in the personal touch. We want to understand a business and its challenges, devise a solution, and deliver it and its value. If the value is real, then we all benefit.

We have no offices, no fancy website, no expensively designed logos and calling cards, no marketing budget. We go where our customers are, we deliver value and we rely on recommendations and word of mouth for the next job.

Daniel Mermelstein is a technical product manager and AWS Solutions Architect. He has worked for the BBC, the Times and other companies in the media and entertainment industry. He has designed and built dozens of products, both in the business-to-business and consumer markets.  He is also an experienced project manager (Scrum certified) and has a background in electronics engineering.

Tim Clarke’s Engineering degree took him into a career in a successful software startup and then onto Lead Developer and Architecture roles at companies including IMG Media and Bookatable. Through the evolution of the internet and more recently cloud computing, Tim has retained a passion for problem solving and systems architecture, culminating in being certified as an AWS Solutions Architect, and recently acting as the freelance consultant who built and managed the cloud infrastructure and APIs behind MelodyVR’s music streaming service.