Case Study: SAP Migration to AWS

Challenge This Financial Services organisation was running all its crucial SAP infrastructure out of one data centre with minimal resilience and long-since-tested disaster recovery (DR) procedures. They were also in the midst of a Cloud Transformation programme which aimed to migrate all its infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. They wanted to know how to run… Read More

Case Study: Platform Gurus

Challenge  Platform Gurus build high quality, secure and scalable web and mobile applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). They needed to be sure they were following AWS best practices in the areas of security, scaleability, reliability and efficiency. Solution Exor Technology performed a hands-on deep dive workshop looking into the architecture of Platform Gurus’ solution,… Read More

Case Study: 3D Object Creation

Challenge  Stephens House and Gardens is a Victorian house and gardens in north London with a small museum dedicated to the work of its former owner, the industrialist Henry “Inky” Stephens. The house has prided itself on being a focal point for the local community and engages with local schools in educational activities, but with… Read More

Case Study: MelodyVR

Challenge  MelodyVR was an early-stage startup with ambitions to live-stream music gigs in Virtual Reality. They had funding, they had content. But they needed to deliver this content to consumers. Solution MelodyVR needed to be able to quickly iterate their concepts for video streaming and VR applications. This required flexible and dynamic back-end APIs and… Read More